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Update: Quote from someone who was at the 2011 Subaru National Business Conference where Subaru BRZ coupe was previews:
I also got a quick look at a production-spec RWD sport coupe. I can't say much other than it look very good in a mini-Maserati kind of way. Forget the plexiglass show car, those are not the lines at all. Its much sexier. I'm in love and really want one to compliment my WRX.

There was a strict no-photo policy at the coupe unveil

Tonight my wife and I pre-ordered a new '12 Impreza Sport. As we were about to leave I was speaking with the sales manager as I knew he had been to the recent Subaru new vehicle test drive for dealers in Chicago. We talked a bit about the new '12 Impreza and then at the end I asked him if he had seen the new coupe. He said he had and I was able to get the following out of him. Take it for what it is.

- His words "the coupe looks really really nice" even though he is a die hard Subaru fan and isn't sure why they didn't include AWD (we all know why here) he said he is so tempted to buy one even though it is not AWD.

- "Subaru hasn't decided if it will come in just manual or also auto." Mentioned something along the lines that there was talk this could just come in manual.

- "Price is expected to be around $20k."

- Was told to "only expect 1-2 coupe's in the first 6-12 months of its release"

- Said that he hadn't heard "if they had decided on a name" (remember Chicago event happened before BZR name was released, so he probably hasn't kept up with all the news/rumors like us)
Original post:

So my bro went shopping for a Subaru Forester(nice car I might add) and I took advantage of the time to ask about the BRZ. Here's the convo:

Me: Heard of the BRZ?
Dealer: Yea, I saw it at Chicago, they had a full bodied model.

Me: How'd it look?
Dealer: It looked nice, almost like a Z car.

Me: Any engine specs?
Dealer: Not yet, but probably around 200hp from a 2 liter

Me: Turbo?
Dealer: They're keeping it NA.

Me: Base price?
Dealer: They're trying to keep it around $25,000

Me: Weight figures?
Dealer: Under 3000 lbs

*ninja edit*
Me: When is it going to hit dealers?
Dealer: Its expected to be around spring, so March, April? Not sure.

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BRZ looking like a "Z" car, if he meant that as in a 350Z, I don't see how the BRZ almost looks like a Z car.

Around 200HP, under 3000LBS & MSRP of around $25 000 is more than enough for anyone to want one.
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