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Hi everyone,

I just bought a manual 2015 BRZ Limited in white pearl. Although I have driven stick shift cars before, this is the first time I have ever bought a BRAND NEW CAR and first time I have ever committed to driving a stick shift car full time. So needles to say, I already have a million questions I want to ask to people who own BRZ's and are experience in driving manual cars. So thank you to everyone in advance for all of your future answers and suggestions.

1) I noticed shifting isn't quite as smooth as it was when I drove my car off the lot. I only have 200 miles in my new car but I'm already "feeling" a little harder shifting in 1st and 2nd gear. By harder I mean I can hear/feel a sort of "thump" when I shift. Is this normal?

2) I haven't really done a good job at "breaking" in my new car aka keeping it under 4000rpm. I haven't red lined her by any means but I have definitely been having fun taking her to higher rmps and enjoying how fast she is. Is not keeping her under 4000rpm such a bad thing?

3) I sometimes smell the clutch slightly. Is this normal since it's a brand new car or am I doing something wrong?

4) Any general advice, suggestions, or maintenance advice since I'm a newbie in owning a BRAND NEW manual car?

Thank you in advance!

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