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1. Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ ($25,710 for FR-S, base and as tested; $28,265 for BRZ as tested) To me, the highest accomplishment is designing a special car that nearly any new-car buyer can afford. This pair of genuine sports cars — virtual twins jointly developed by Toyota and Subaru — seem destined for a place on the list of affordable classics, alongside the original VW Beetle, Ford Mustang and Mazda Miata. Beautiful, smartly detailed and thrilling, the BRZ and FR-S make their roughly $26,000 price seem like a misprint.

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1. Subaru BRZ ($26,265 base, $28,265 as tested) Like the nearly identical Scion FR-S, the BRZ is a bracing antidote to the technology-encrusted cars that are sanitizing, homogenizing and digitizing the driving experience. The BRZ’s chassis, steering, brakes and manual gearbox are all beyond reproach, and a compact boxer engine helps to keep the car low, balanced and planted on the pavement. It’s all so simple and yet, aside from a clunky optional infotainment system, so close to perfect.

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1. Scion FR-S ($25,710 base, $24,955 as tested) Is the FR-S Toyota’s attempt to atone for ruining the Celica? If so, all is forgiven. Tight and precise with more than adequate powertrain performance, a racy rear-wheel-drive platform, stellar handling, a modicum of good looks and a fair price make the FR-S the brightest star of the year. Working together, Toyota and Subaru have produced new models more impressive than the cars they’ve come up with on their own.

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