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So we are considering either a 2015 BRZ or 2015 WRX. We have driven both a few times at our dealership and are still debating.

I think we had more fun driving the BRZ than the WRX overall - it felt sportier, shifting through the gears felt more positive and engaging, and the seats and pedals were nice! The BRZ also has been around for a few years (hopefully ironed out some bugs). I autocross, so I'm not too concerned with just straight line speed. The NA FA20 felt rev happy, which was very nice.

The WRX has the power, includes more room in the back, and was fun. The WRX however is a new model year, has only direct injection (no port to help keep valves clean). I've never owned a AWD or turbo car, so I'm not sure what to expect in long-term maintenance/reliability here.

Anyway, we are just curious to hear from BRZ owners on their long-term experiences with the car! Thanks!
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