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212RWKW Project BRZ Build Thread - Australia's First Kraftwerks Supercharged BRZ

Hello all and welcome to the Project BRZ Thread.

In this post I'll cover all the mods I've done to the car so far since new, and I'll continue to update the thread as I do more and more to the car.

If you like what I'm doing with the car, and would like to get involved, check out our Facebook page.

There's also have a comprehensive YouTube Channel covering all the mods done to the car, reviews and experiences.

Parts and suppliers:


Engine Bay Dressup Kit - Forged Performance Australia
Rexpeed STi CF Front Lip - Zenith Racing
Rexpeed C-Style Side Skirts and Spats - Zenith Racing
Rubber Stripping for side skirts - Clark Rubber
STi badging, garnishes - JapanParts
Raceseng Slammer Gear Knob - Forged Performance Australia
Raceseng Reverse Lockout - Forged Performance Australia
Toms Tail Lights - Garage88
Carbon Fibre Bonnet Struts - Forged Performance Australia
Carbon Fibre Dash Facia - Ebay
Slim number plate mount -

Kraftwerks C30 Supercharger kit – 14PSI – 212.73RWKW – Forged Performance Australia
Kraftwerks Passive Oil Cooler – Forged Performance Australia
Skunk2 Alpha Series Headers – Forged Performance Australia
Skunk2 Alpha Series Radiator – Forged Performance Australia
Blitz NUR-Spec C-Ti Midpipe and exhaust – Justjap


Rays 57Xtreme Wheels - Street to Track


STi Brembo Brakes - Pro Speed Racing
DBA T3 4000 series rotors - Pro Speed Racing
HEL Braided Brake Lines - Pro Speed Racing


MCA Red Series Suspension - MRT Performance

Audio & Electronics:

Sony XAV-712BT head Unit - Sony Australia
Blackvue DR550GW-2CH Dashcam - Dash Cams Australia


STi Space Saver spare wheel - STi Heaven
Subaru rubber boot mat - Ebay

Wheel & Tyre Size:

Front: 18x8.5+33 225/40/R18
Rear: 18x9.5+40 255/35/R18
Ride Height/Stance Adjustment:

Camber = -1.25deg
Ride height = 355mm Centre wheel to guard F/R
Ground Clearance: 122mm

So lets get in to it!!

I ordered the car in November 2013 having sold my modified 2006 WRX which was making [email protected] If you're interested to know why I decided to sell the WRX and buy a BRZ, check out this video...

Fast forward to March 2013 and I picked up the car brand new from the dealership. At this stage I already had my Blitz NUR Spec C-Ti exhaust, MCA Red Coilovers, Toms tail lights and Rays Gram Light 57Xtremes waiting to go on the car.

Going Home

You can watch the video from when I picked up the car here...

The very first day I installed the tail lights. YAY!!!

After a month of ownership, the car was off to MRT Performance to have the wheels, suspension and exhaust put on. But I did record a video of my initial impressions of the car after a month of ownership which you can watch here:

We also installed some Whiteline KCA326 rear camber adjusters to make sure the rear camber was perfect.

We had a few issues with the wheels as the supplier had sent the wrong stud pattern, but that ,meant I was able to test out the coilovers with the stock wheels and record my impressions, which you can watch here:

I also recorded a full review of the exhaust:

So it was around this stage that I started to get to know a few people in the NSW 86/BRZ Car Club here in Australia, and started to pick up a whole lot of bits and pieces from Forged performance, including:

*Bonnet Struts
*Raceseng Slammer gear knob and Reverse lockout (install guide)
*Forged performance Engine Bay Dress-up Kit

I also purchased all the BRZ tS Sti trim bits from Japan Parts at the same time.

Here's a video of me installing the new garnishes for anyone wondering how it's done..

Around this time I also installed an BlackVue 550 dash cam system. Here's the install guide...

Next up on the list was the head unit install. For this I sourced a Carbon Fibre Facia Kit off ebay, and chose a Sony XAV712BT Head Unit, which has Mirrorlink, so I can use the torque app to display digital guages...

Full review of the Head unit here...

Next up was the Rexpeed Carbon Fibre bodykit, kindly supplied by Zenith Racing installed by Kalen Gray from Forged Performance Australia.

I chose an STi style front bar, and C-Style side skirts and spats.

Continued Below

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Now it was time for a proper photoshoot!!

By now I was 3 months into ownership and starting to think about brake upgrades....

I really wasn't sure what to get, and spent about 3 weeks uming and ahing before I decided on the STi Brembo kit off an MY12 WRX STi.

I sourced the kit from Troy at Pro Speed Racing, including HEL braided brake lines and DBA slotted 4000 series rotors.

The installation wasn't too difficult, albeit a little scary. Kalen was a great help (OK, so he really did all the work while I supervised). the only difficulty we had was swapping the bleeders from top to bottom on the front calipers. This is necessary because the calipers sit on the front side of the rotors on the BRZ, as opposed to the rear side on the STi.

Before you ask, no you can't just swap the calipers side for side, because the leading and trailing pistons are different sizes.

With the brakes done, it was time for another photo shoot...

So that brings me pretty much up to date!

Here's a video going over every mod we'd done to the car to this point, and where to get the parts...

Next up was some interior candy. I chose Cyberstork diamond cut aluminium cluster rings, vent rings and control dials which really set off the interior.

There's a bunch more videos on my Youtube Channel, and photos on my Facebook Community, so be sure to check them out if you're interested.

I'll continue to keep this thread up to date as we do more work on the car and enjoy ownership of this fine vehicle!

UPDATE: ProjectBRZ is now Australia's first Kraftwerks Supercharged BRZ. Details below...



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Man I have watched all of your Videos, I am impressed and inspired by your mods and build, very clean and classy, May I ask you what do you do for living????
All this is not cheap.

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Very Nice! well I am watching all of your videos and learning something new. I my self have some experience in IT world, worked as Lab supervisor for a data backup company, you know tape backup and SSD and all that good stuff. How do you like your wheels? I am contemplating on witch once to get. will your set up work with stock suspension and ride height?

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I'm very happy with the wheels. It took me about 6 months to decide which wheels to get (while my car was on preorder).

However IMO the car needs to be lowered for them to look good. I've seen a few cars with them at stock ride height and they look a bit funny.

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UPDATE: Kraftwerks Supercharger @ 212RWKW

I bit the bullet and got my hands on the Kraftwerks Supercharger kit, along with Kraftwerks Passive Oil Cooler, Skunk2 Alpha radiator and Skunk2 Alpha headers.

We installed the kit ourselves at Forged Performance’s workshop…

We then towed the car off to Tunehouse so they could work their magic.

Overall I’m really happy with the result. The power curve is linear as expected, and we were able to achieve 212KW at the hubs using 98RON fuel with the stock injectors and fuel pump.

Stay tuned for more videos and reviews of the kit shortly!


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