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Hey everyone, I'm interested in finding a BRZ! Truth be told, I'm kind of learning whether I want a Toyota 86, a scion fr-s or the subie, but the frs is in the lead so far. I haven't found a specific one, though I did reach out to a dealer about a way overpriced one today.

I have a not-so-hidden agenda: I'd like to daily one for a while, then weigh an ls swap. I have a 2014 SS and a 57 belair with an ls3, I've had plenty of fbodies, a gto and an ls6 powered Isuzu hombre. I like the idea of a light weight, somewhat reliable 6sp car for a while, and I've always like the styling of the toyobaru twins. We were at a cruise in last night and my wife mentioned she liked the styling. Enough said, I'll start looking!

So, I'm looking for a white, silver, or boy-ricer-blue subaru frs, mileage 50k or under, southern to minimize rust risk. Ill be checking the classifieds, but if this describes a car youre looking to sell, let me know! Going to be perusing the forum for some knowledge, let me have it.

Here are my daily drivers. Yes, the 57 gets daily duty, I'll drive it tomorrow to work because it's in the way of the ss in the driveway.

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