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Hey guys, just wanted to come in here and ask for you're guys opinions. About 8 months ago i got a brz off a dealer near me, not Subaru, a small dealer. I was told it was rebuild and where it was hit( being a dumbass i didn’t ask to see the pictures). So i went on got the car- being excited and Ig a first time buyer didn’t put mind to it to much just wanted to drive out of their with the car. About two days ago i saw the pictures, entered the vin online and the pictures came up and it was pretty bad, air bags deployed as well. I’ll be posting pictures of it and after of how it currently is but it’s a finance lol. So i was wondering if ya think i should give it back or just give up the lease, however it’s done and get another off an actual Subaru dealer. Mind I’ve been driving the car for 8 months, drove it on highways, 2 hour long drives, done some pulls and nothing major so far, In fact it hasn’t had any problems at all but I’m scared they didn’t fix it the right way or just used some cheap parts to fix and sell. Just don’t want to regret it in the long run. Thought?
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