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credits to grimmspeed again

GrimmSpeed DIY Guide Series
Removing and Replacing your BRZ/FR-S Accessory Belt
Updated 6/29/12

Introduction: This guide will illustrate how to inspect and change the accessory belt on your BRZ/FR-S.

Tools: The tools listed below are suggested for this task (figure 1). Optional tools are noted.

- Needlenose Pliers
- ¼ in Ratchet
- ¼ in Extension
- ¼ in drive deepwell 10mm socket
- 3/8 in Ratchet
- 3/8 in 12mm socket
- Screwdriver



1. Begin by following our intake removal guide to expose the belt.

2. Next, remove the black covers on the alternator and power steering pump.

3. Use your 3/8in drive 12mm socket and wrench on the tensioner pulley as shown below. This will release tension on the belt and you should be able to slip it off of the idler pulley with no issues. After the belt is removed, you can slowly bring the tensioner back.

4. Easy as that. Re installation is just the reverse. Remember to double check that the belt is properly routed and seated in each pulley before starting the car.
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