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Well. I guess I gave away the entirety of the post in the headline...

I've had my 2013 BRZ since 2017...this is my first post on here.

It always had this weird startup issue after the clutch was replaced (roasted by the first owner, sad face.)
I replaced the clutch switch after seeing the video online with the couple that replaced a the clutch and cc switches.
( " Life with Jake and Darcy " )

As it sits without my foot on the pedal...the button is pushed in as it should be...the gear selector in the Odometer only shows "R" when I throw it in reverse.

Most importantly, the issue at hand.
The cruise control still turns on but I cannot utilize the set/resume functions on the steering wheel CC paddle.

Referring to the video on youtube, Darcy had a cruise control switch...but didn't really visually specify where it was installed. Is this the "clutch starter safety switch (83281AA010)? " Should replacing this second switch solve the issue? Or is there some calibration that needs to be done? The service and part guys at the local dealer didn't know what to really do besides throw an expensive diagnosis fee at me.

It would be nice to get some feedback from anyone who has possible had the same issue? Thanks in advance.
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