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Hi all,
Just joined this forum. I have a 2016 BRZ SE. I bought it in November 21, it is in silver and had only 11k miles on it when purchased.
I got this to replace my Cayman as I wanted something that cost a bit less to run.
straight after purchasing my first job was to get the car up on stands and remove all 4 wheels and clean the underside and rustproof using Dynax HB. Also the calipers were cleaned and painted silver.
One effect of the very low mileage was the discs were badly corroded on the inner face, so new Pagid discs and pads all round were fitted and the front dust shields were removed.

April 2022 and our yearly trip to the Nurburgring took place. Car was very very good in standard spec, the only fly in the ointment was the dreadful primacy tyres. These were virtually unworn but due to their age were very hard and lacking grip. I couldn't justify changing them as they were nearly 7mm.

However after the trip when I got the car home I noticed the tyres were very badly cracked and downright dangerous.

So a good excuse to get rid of them and it some better (sportier) tyres.

This was collection day..
Car Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive tire

Random ring picture...
Car Wheel Tire Land vehicle Vehicle

Tyres after the trip...
Tire Wheel Automotive tire Synthetic rubber Tread

I will probably start an owners thread once I get myself sorted.
Anyway tha'ts all from me for now..
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