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Shops in the Salt Lake City area to install/tune a turbo kit?

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I know someone who has a 2014 w/50k miles that is totally stock but wants more power and wants to get there with a turbo. He's done a SCCA track night with the car, and would probably do another once in a while, and I've suggested an autocross or two.
He'll be in the SLC area in the next few months and basically needs an every day driver turbo setup, installed and tuned, that is easy to live with and same as stock daily driver reliable. He knows enough to be realistic about how much more power would be safe for a every day driver.
Any shops come to mind?

What little learning I've done so far tells me there are several supercharger options that would work well for him, but he wants a turbo. He wanted me to do a turbo kit but I don't want to hand him a car that he doesn't know anything about and then take it somewhere that might not have the right people to take care of it, if that make sense.
Thanks for any advice.
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