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To build up more anticipation for its reveal at the Frankfurt IAA auto show next month, Subaru has released some full sized images (see here) of the graphics used on the Subaru BRZ Technology Concept website.

The most telling part of the photos is just the clear look at the FB engine (the BRZ, FT-86, FRS will be getting a new version of the FB engine with direct injection). The clear body should otherwise be mostly ignored as it’s simply a shell which is being used to display the car’s powerplant, suspension, and chassis. The production BRZ exterior is rumored to have been shown recently and was said to be very different.

Along with these images, Subaru has released exterior dimensions for the BRZ coupe, which will be:

165 inch length
69.7 inch width
50 inch height
101 inch wheelbase

From the press release:
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