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Subaru BRZ LED Turn Signals

We offer a number of LED options for your BRZ's front and rear turn signal bulbs! We also have the CF18 flasher in stock! Just replace the flasher, and you will not have any hyperblinking! No splicing or cutting required!

Rear Turn Signal
: First, choose your color. You should select the color which matches the reflector housing. If there is no reflector, you can choose the color you prefer. Then, choose your brightness!

Front Turn Signal
: We only list amber bulbs for the front turn signal, as well as switchback, if applicable (more details below). This is because other colors, such as white and red, are not legal for front turn signal use.

Diode Dynamics offers several brightness options so you can choose what fits you best. These options are listed by the design and the lumen output of each bulb:

HP11: (310 lumens) Slightly higher brightness than OEM bulbs.
XP80: (510 lumens) Much brighter than OEM bulbs. These are bright!

Bulb Design:

HP11: Four side-firing 1.5W-rated Osram LED chips, and one 5W-rated LED chip on top, which is projected by a lens for maximum effective brightness. The bulb is housed in a machined aluminum casing, which provides superior heat diffusion for long life.

XP80: Each of the four sides of this bulb contains three 5W-rated chips, and the top is fitted with four more under a projector lens. This is the brightest self-contained automotive LED bulb on the market, and is housed in an aluminum casing with a textured finish for maximum heatsinking properties.

Hyperblink Fix: The turn signals on most vehicles will begin to blink fast (hyperblink) when LED bulbs are installed. This is because LEDs use less power than the original bulbs, so your vehicle thinks that the bulb is out. There are two ways to fix this:
  • Flasher Replacement: WE HAVE THE CF18 FLASHER, WHICH IS A DIRECT REPLACEMENT IN THE 86! If possible, replacing the flasher is the easiest option. On some vehicles, you can remove the flasher, which is a small relay module under the dash, and replace it with a new flasher designed for LEDs, which will not blink fast. It is the module that actually makes the "clicking" noise. Some newer vehicles have this integrated into the vehicle's computer, so it is not possible to replace it. If we know of a flasher that is compatible with your vehicle, it will be listed here as an option. We recommend this over resistors whenever possible, because it is an easier installation. You only need one LED flasher for both front and rear LED turn signals.
  • Resistor Kit: This is a universal way to fix the issue, and will work for any vehicle. By adding a resistor to the bulb's circuit, you can mimic the power consumption of the original bulb, and return the vehicle to normal turn signal speed. The installation takes 10-15 minutes, and involves making two simple connections. Everything you need is included in the kit. If you have both front and rear LED turn signals, you usually only need one set of resistors, on the front or rear, to create enough resistance for the turn signal circuit.

All of our products come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a 3-year limited warranty. For more information, please view the FAQ guide.

Click to order or for more information:
Subaru BRZ Front Turn Signal LEDs
Subaru BRZ Rear Turn Signal LEDs

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to post, PM, email [email protected]

*PM us for the free-shipping code* (U.S. forum members only)

Thanks for looking!
Nick C.
Diode Dynamics

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Question about the CF18 flasher relay. If I want to replace both front and rear turn signals, do I need to get just one relay, or is there a relay for the front and a relay for the rear signals?

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The CF18 flasher is a one and done, plug and play solution to hyperblinking. It replaces your factory module and allows all LEDs to function perfectly.

Let me know if you have anymore questions or concerns, the flasher module makes the upgrade extremely painless and uncomplicated

-Nick C.

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Easy bulb installation

Thanks to Nick and Diode Dynamics for great customer service.

I emailed Nick with a question on Wednesday, called and spoke with him on Thursday, and then placed an order the same day.
The order shipped that afternoon and I received it in a well-packed box today.
I'm impressed with Diode Dynamics' access to reliable information, customer service, rapid shipping, and product quality.

The turn signal and fog lights are very easy to change. The only caution for a "newbie" is that LEDs are polarity-sensitive.
Test the bulbs before reinserting the sockets in their housings. If they don't work when first installed, reverse them in the socket.

I had one turn signal bulb [right-rear] that worked when first installed and tested with the hazard flasher and then didn't work after installing the LED flasher and testing turn signals.
Removing and reinserting the bulb as well as reversing polarity had no effect. I then swapped bulbs front-to-rear on the right side and got them all working satisfactorily.
I suspect that RR bulb somehow wasn't making proper electrical contact. Multiple reinsertions seems to have solved the problem.

The only other issue for "newbies" is changing the flasher. In our cars, it's hidden under the dash, on the left side and up high.
With my big hands, I had to remove the lower trim panel and a metal bracket to gain access.
Insert a probe where the flasher attaches to the plastic bracket to release the catch.
After it's released, press the latch on the electrical connector and pull loose.
It's then a simple matter to plug the LED flasher into the harness, slide it onto the plastic bracket, and then replace the metal bracket and trim panel.

If the flasher hadn't given me access fits, the entire job would have taken less than 45 minutes including a refreshment break.
As it was, I spent an extra half-hour modifying my approach to gain clear flasher access and then trouble-shoot the non-working bulb.

It's an easy job for those with moderate mechanical skills and well worth the time and money.
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