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According to Motor Trend editor-in-chief Ed Loh, Subaru has confirmed it will build a turbocharged version of its Toyota-direct-injection FA20 engine (the one in the Subaru BRZ). That's great news, right? Well, yes. Kind of.

Of course, Subaru has not yet confirmed it will build a corresponding turbocharged BRZ. But since the company has said the BRZ is the only car in its lineup slated to get the FA20 — for the time being — one can only assume that a turbocharged version will power that particular car, no? That's just straight logic. At least, you know, for the time being.

Or maybe the turbocharged FA20 will appear in another car first. Perhaps one with a WRX badge on it? naturally, that would be fine too.

Nerd alert. Last week at the Tokyo Motor Show, Subaru showed the direct-injected, turbocharged 1.6-liter "Boxer DIT." That engine is based on Subaru's current engine architecture, and shares nearly nothing with the BRZ's new FA20. Right now, the only thing with that engine in it is the company's Advanced Tourer Concept, which combines it with an electric motor. And it ain't talking, either.
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