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Thinking of suspension or tire mods?

Do yourself a favour and fit rear subframe bushing inserts first. Whiteline from Australia are now on my BRZ. Fantastic upgrade.

At the same time fit a transmission mount insert bushing. Firms up the shift action perfectly, almost more important than lowering the clutch pedal for smooth and positive clutch engagement.

You get a little more gear noise at low speeds in first and a little firmer thump from the rear axle over bumps but these fit the car's character and are hardly noticable. What is noticable is a much more direct connection with the car and the road.

The rear subframe bushing inserts eliminate the drivetrain slop when you first engage the clutch and eliminate the weird squirrelly squirming from the rear axle when cornering really hard.

The transmission insert allows full drive to reach the rear tires instantly.

Just do it and never look back.
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