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That said, I'd like to solve a minor irritation--sooner rather than later.

I'm on my third Subaryota/Toyobaru---the first, a 2013 Scion FRS, followed by a 2019 BRZ, followed by a 2022 BRZ. The first one had Splash Guards/Mud Flaps furnished by a Toyota dealer---as did the second (because the Subaru dealers didn't have any), and the third one is going without because I can't find them.

I'm of the opinion Subaru doesn't make them available to their dealers. I know Toyota dealers do (or at least did)-------but not for the 2022 version (or at least not yet).

Bottom Line: Do I solve my minor irritation by waiting for awhile, or are there O.E.M. quality products available in the aftermarket---and if so, where?

Many Thanks!!
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