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Hey everyone,

I've got a very specific problem with bluetooth disconnects that I have had since I got my car. I've spent a lot of time troubleshooting, with no luck, and the dealership doesn't have an answer either--so I come to you!

If I have call audio options enabled via bluetooth (checked box for call audio and media) then I will experience random disconnects, phone book names will not display on texts, other misc issues.

If I leave it for media only, everything works flawlessly and never disconnects.

I have initialized the head unit, deleted personal data and initialized, factory reset my phone, swapped my phone through my warranty options with Sprint--everything I could think of, and this issue persists. The problem being, it is not reliable, sometimes disconnects after 1 minute, sometimes after 1 hour. I can't get it to happen while I'm at the dealership so they refused to do anything about it.

I'm going crazy here, anyone else have any ideas?! Is there a way to update the sdcard for the head unit ourselves or is that a service appointment?

2013 BRZ Limited. Thanks for reading! :)
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