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If there was one automaker that could bring a small wagon to market and make a success of it, you’d have to believe it would be Subaru.

With a lineup already chock-full of non-traditional offerings, it’s not a stretch to imagine Subaru offering something to go up against the Volkswagen Golf SportWagen. And maybe that’s because in other parts of the world Subaru does just that. Meet the Subaru Levorg, the Impreza-based wagon that North Americans are being deprived of.

Launched in Japan in 2014 as a slightly smaller successor to the Legacy wagon, the Levorg has been slowly spreading to other parts of the world that still value the added practicality of a so-called sport-tourer. That means this continent, with its infatuation with crossovers and sport utilities, will sadly remain Levorg-free for the foreseeable future.
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