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Greetings to all. First time posting. I looked through the Wheel Directory and Fitment Guide Chart

But still could not find firm answers. I have Subaru BRZ 2020, stock suspension with stock:

Rims: 17"x7 offset 48
Tires: 215x45x17

I want to buy a better looking rims but choice of 5x100 17" ones in my market is extremely limited and vast majority are 35 offset.

Setup I'm thinking about:

Rims: 17"x7,5 (or 8 max) offset 35
Tires: 225x45x17

Now I used tire calculators and understand that this setup will poke about 2cm.
The question I have is whether or not this setup will rub the fenders on stock suspension?

I've also used an app to compare the setups with results in the attached screenshot. Will this put alot of stress on bearings?

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