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A couple of schools of thought ... Looking for the definitive way to store my BRZ

- remove the battery , extra air in the tires , cover the car wait till spring

- same as above but fog the engine

- discount the battery, restart the car every thirty days..cover the car

Thoughts please



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I put mine in a local self storage unit that is not temperature controlled. I start the car a few times during the winter and try to drive it as well if there is no salt on the roads. I have the car in for service now getting some warranty issues fixed and the oil changed. Then I put it away. Since I run it I don't do anything with gas levels, fuel stabilizer, extra air, or anything. I guess if the car sits 4-5 months then those things are crucial. I bought a california car cover for it last winter. I covered the car but realized that the cover was leaving the paint constantly wet after a freeze/thaw. When it would drop well below freezing the car iced up and then when it melted it stayed wet under the cover. I pulled the cover off halfway thru the winter and did not use again.

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Here is what I do for a Nov 1st to Oct 31st garaged layup:

Winter Storage Prep - Car​

1. Change and top off all fluids as necessary. Engine oil less than 1000 mileage is OK.
Assuming 100% synthetic is used.
2. Use fuel stabilizer (Sta-bil (TM) Full tank. See Sta-bil instructions.
3. Prep, wash and/or wax exterior, clean/vacuum interior.
4. Apply silicone spray lubricant to door and trunk seals.
5. Check battery & top off cells with distilled water.
6. Lay out plastic tarp (floor covering). This helps to prevent moisture accumulation.
7. 42 PSI in tires (for 35 PSI normal). (use the home mini pump, start pump B4 attaching
to tire stem).
8. Support wiper blade arms with rags (2).
9. Transmission in REVERSE.
10. Emergency brake - OFF.
11. Wheel Chocks (2) ON.
12. Ventilator NOT set to 're-circulate'.
13. Windows HALFWAY DOWN.
14. Remove any CDs.
15. California Car Cover.
16. Battery Tender.
17. Check battery from time to time (1/month)
18. Contact Insurance company on non-use storage.
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